Wednesday, 15 October 2008


I'm frustrated with Super Sam and John of the Night, but not because I'm unhappy with it. The story and characters work well. The main problem is that I'm finding it difficult to finish. I know exactly how the strip ends and what the final scenes are, but the pages leading up to that are a little vague. Not only that, but it's taking me more pages to get to the ending than I originally planned.

It's a bit like running a marathon, in which you're exhausted, but that's okay, because you can now see the end of the race in the distance. Only, as you're running towards it, the race end is moving away from you at the same speed.

However, endings are really hard and it would be easy to mess the whole thing up, simply because I was in a rush to finish it and get onto the next project.

As for the next project, I've got some strong ideas.

john and face three 2

All previous episodes can be seen here.

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