Thursday, 27 November 2008



I realise that if I'm every going to get more than the moderate attention for my work that I currently receive, then I'm going to have really step up to the plate and make a huge effort. With this in mind, I've been spending a neck-hurting amount of time with pencil, pen and computer, producing works like the one above. My plan is to start bring this level of detail into my comic strips. If that doesn't grab people's eyeballs then I don't know what will.


Mikal Dyas said...

These are really great. I love stuff with loads of detail. One of your comics done with this level of detail would be cool. Geoff Darrow's work on Big Guy is excessively detailed with rarely more than 3 panels to a page and it is pretty exhausting to look at but these pictures have a bit of breathing space.

tall guy said...

Yes, thank you. I'm Currently trying to think up a story using that kind of format. Tricky, because I want it to have story depth, but using as few words as possible, in order to showcase the big frame artwork more.

Mikal said...

Yes tricky one that. The Big Guy strip gets away with it as the subject matter is epic in scale ala Godzilla. Crowds and riots spring to mind as similar subject matter. The story can focus on a few characters dealing with a situation in which they are only part of the big picture.