Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Bipolar Disorder

A chapter of my Psychiatric Tales book. This one covering Bipolar-Disorder. As ever, if you spot any mistakes let me know. Feedback from those with this illness would be greatly appreciated. I've mostly covered the mania side of the illness here, because a previous chapter already talks about depression, and I didn't want to repeat myself. Thank you.

1 bipolar

2 bipolar

3 bipolar

bipolar 4

5 bipolar

6 bipolar

7 bipolar

8 bipolar

9 bipolar


Reds said...

This is a fantastic series. Thanks for posting.

Insane Pencil said...

I'm learning a lot from this series. I didn't realize the manic state had such a downside. I started wondering if I might be bipolar, but I rarely am depressed or elevated without a reason.

Mikal said...

This work is really good and I like the way you have expanded your style to include photos.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Can you make it funnier?

Liz D-M said...

This is beautifully written. A few more things about bipolar disorder: it may run in families, and one of the mood stabilizers, lithium, can destroy your thyroid function.

Melly said...

I think your explanation of patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are just amazing!! can't wait for the book to be finished so I can buy it.

janusjana said...

This is great, but panel #4 is missing! Seems the large size in flickr is broken.

Thanks for sharing this!

Surendra said...

Here is some additional information about the "genetics" of this condition that was written by our Genetic Counselor and other genetic professionals: http://www.accessdna.com/condition/Bipolar_Disorder/62. I hope it helps. Thanks, AccessDNA

Pamela Parker said...

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