Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Antisocial Personality Disorder

Here's the reworked Antisocial Personality Disorder chapter of Psychiatric Tales (previously know as Mad Or Bad). Eight pages of which only three are left from the original version. As ever, feel free to point out any errors you see.

All done now. Apart from renumbering the pages and a few other annoying tiny jobs. It'll be out from Blank Slate in Feb.

page 27 antisocial one

page 28 antisocial .two

page 29 antisocial.three

page 30 antisocial four

page 31 antisocial five

page 32 antisocial 6

page 33 antisocial seven

page 34 antisocial eight


Dortch said...

This is great! I share your work with therapists that I supervise.
My editor's eye caught a misspelling, however...
check out "custody".

Anonymous said...

Well done!
I had a boyfriend who has that kind of personality disorder ... He is now studying to be a lawyer. :|

Ellie Finlay said...

Hello. I have just discovered your blog this morning (it's 8:30 a.m. on my side of the pond!) and I'm exploring the site with great interest. I love your work. Very thoughtful and powerful.

This particular one really caught my eye. You are quite right about anti-social types not necessarily being criminals. I worked for one for a while and he wreaks havoc in the lives of the people around him who are not powerful or moneyed. (He is quite capable of being utterly charming toward those who are wealthy or have some sort of useful authority in society.)

Thank you for all your very informative and responsible work.

I assure you, I'll be back!

Michele said...

This IS my soon-to-be exhusband. OMG. I thought it was NPD but it is ASPD with overtones of NPD. Complete with the incarceration. OMG. Thank you!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

According to Walsh Research Institute, 95% of people with antisocial personality disorder are undermethylated (and also most cases of OCD, anorexia, seasonal depression, schizoaffective disorder, etc.): https://www.vitacure.me/blogs/news/difference-undermethylated-vs-overmethylated-symptoms

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