Monday, 28 June 2010


A 19 page strip about homeopathy. My follow up story-strip to the one I did on the MMR vaccine scare, and another chapter of my ongoing book about science. This is, in effect, the beta version of the strip. There will, I'm sure, be mistakes dotted throughout that I haven't spotted. So do feel free to point out any errors. The references will be in the next entry.

homeopathy 1

homeopathy 2

homeopathy 3

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Kieran said...

Small point re. early panels of the comic, here in Australia homeopathic preparations (i refuse to call them 'medicines') are sold in liquid form, not pills/tablets.
Thanks for a great comic, if this helps save one person from wasting time on homeo treatments nstead of seeking real treatment for a life-threatening ilness, you have done a good deed.

Hemant said...

I am vulnerable to throat infections (3-4 times a year). For some reason homeopathy medicines always worked for me at least for those throat infections. Last time I tried non-homeopathic medicine, it took 7 weeks before I had to give homeopathy a shot. 72 hours to 120 hours has been usual time-frame when I could get rid of the infection ( it has happened more than 4 times for me to average it out). I am not sure what to infer out of that? Does it work occasionally? And certainly it's cheaper at least in the part of globe where I live in.

AVADHOOT said...

Can i print this and translate this to my local language in india. I will give proper credits, but i wont be able to pay anything towards copyrights as i am going to do this as individual. In india one of the Homeopathy doctors got one of the greatest honors given by country. And i see people are not at all aware of how homeopathy works. This strip will help in spreading awarness.

Please let me know.

Muhammad Atif said...

I suggest you watch this, then you can all get sick from the side effects of all your drugs, Send gifts to Pakistan.

Manuel said...

Thank you for your comment. Would you be interested in a German translation? I'd like to share this goodness with some people who'd easier grasp it if it was in their native language.


Unknown said...

Homeopathy is crap. The only alternative medicine which really works is Hypercubic Morphic Resonance. It works by introducing an object of a certain 4-dimension footprint into the patient and shaking it rythmically to produce a resonance in all of the patient's body cells at once. This shakes off all bad molecules and germs leaving nothing but pure health behind.

Each person will be receptive only to a certain 4-dimension footprint, which only experts can determine after thorough testing. For example, it has been demonstrated that an object with the exact proportions of my erect cock can work for young females of about 5'6, 120 pounds and at least a C-cup. The exact body orifice where the insertion must be attempted can only be known after solving extremely hairy differential equations, so the safest bet is to try them all, in turns. Also, the exact beat at which the object must be shaking to generate a resonance is, at best, an educated guess. So the effects of the treatment may only be triggered after trying different positions and rythms. But I'm more than willing to take this small sacrifice if it's what takes to cure a fellow human in need.

For those skeptics out there, I'm more than ready to provide you with double-blind, triple-blind and even foursome-blind tests of this method. Just remember not all body configurations are attuned to my instrument, so some failures are to be expected.

Noam Sane said...

Going slightly off topic to faith healing in general, see this:!page2/cjg9

Phil in San Diego

Giusy Lupis said...

I think you should report informations about mortality from classical allopathic cures. Chemiotherapy destroy immune system. It's a miracle to survive to chemiotherapy cure.
There is some scientific in it, but I'm not sure it is for the better...

vijay said...

In India, in the state of Karnataka, we have a govt. recognised course in Homeopathy, Ayurveda(Indian system), Unani(Arabic system). Our constitution is supposed to encourage scientific thinking.
The mute point is that even in Alopathy, people are encouraged to take " second opinion" before embarking on a major remedy like Heart disease, Gynec problems, Skin ailments etc. That is for the accuracy of diagnosis in the modern scientific methods.

Dave Bruton said...

Really I appreciate the effort you made to share the knowledge. The topic here i found was really effective to the topic which I was researching for a long time.

selva said...

See how the treatment for cancer in General medicinal practices proceeds

Joseph Crain said...

Follow science and you will have certainty about your future health! As a faithful follower of science, you will never be misdiagnosed and you will live happily into the upper limits of the average human life span. All of the science that supported the medical decisions applied to your youth will still apply when you are old. Advancements in science will make your weekly medicine requirements cheaper than the previous generation. You will never be disqualified by your medical insurance coverage for a pre-existing condition should you fall ill due to a mistake in this perfect, science-based system...

The true scientist knows that truth is dynamic. The true scientist attempts to learn strengths and weaknesses inherit in all methodologies and does not outright discount any of them. Homeopathy challenges the inbred thinking of western medical science and is extremely threatening because it absolutely contradicts many of the basic laws of science. Are there still people who believe that the fundamentals of science are static?

ashok kanuri said...

yes!I believe there are lots of incidents which prove that homeopathy is a quack and its practitioners are nothing more than modern babas..I remember an incident while working in cardiology a patient was brought by emergency services with pain in left upper limb from 2 days and recent onset of severe chest pain.I asked him why he did not consult a doctor from 2 days. The reply shocked the entire team.he visited a homeopath earlier who counselled him for 3 long hours about age related joint pains and gave treatment for arthritis..Unfortunately by the time he reached hospital the ecg showed global ischemia and he died of arrhythmia later.had he not gone to such quack we would have saved him for sure!!!

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