Thursday, 19 August 2010

The US Edition of Psychiatric Tales

News. The US edition of Psychiatric Tales is prominantly displayed on page 34 of the new Bloomsbury's Winter catalogue. Here's what the US version of the cover looks like.

Psychiatric Tales US edition

Also, two interviews with me are now online. One is at Avoid The Future, and the other is at Frontier Psychiatrist.


joe said...

no "click here to buy it" link?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Darryl. Luke (Temple) Walsh attempting some kind of utterly alienated communication. You know, it is possible despite the horror, to recognise genuine people.

Aaaaannnnyyyywwwwaaaayyyy...Bernardo kept mentioning you, so I thought I would get in touch.

I'd try to talk to you, but I doubt you'd open up.


Anonymous said... email address if you actually wanted to try to open

(don't any other fucker try and message my email by the way, because i will track you down and kill you)

sorry know how it is...evil people who anonymously abuse through the internet...

all the best, luke

Ramiz Raza said...

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