Monday, 9 May 2011

Murderer's Eyes

First story for what will eventually be a second volume of Psychiatric Tales.

Murderers Eyes 1

murderers eyes 2

murderers eyes 3

murderers eyes 4

murderers eyes 5

murderer's eyes 6

murderer's eyes 7

murderer's eyes 8


ladybird said...

love it - what you do best darryl

dzaro said...

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your blog very amazing..
it's a new experiences for me to read this blog..

greet for me at Indonesia..
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Jennifer Hayden said...

Beautiful, my friend! Your work is so strong and truthful. Just simple enough, just complicated enough.

Rich Johnson said...

Fascinating story. Beautifully done as always, Darryl.

E. Will said...

Amazing as always.

Do you know if Psychiatric Tales Vol 1 is still being released through Diamond? I ask because I work at a comic book store and I made sure that we ordered a copy for the shelf - but it's been an awfully long time and it hasn't shown up...

Peter Bangs said...

As a one time employee of a well known national bus company I can tell you this guy was pretty good mentally for a bus driver.

buzz said...

I love your work, but this story makes me ask if in your career you have ever encountered or heard of a case where someone made seemingly incredible claims that later proved to be true?

Anonymous said...

Good stuff and very interesting.

Cheers for that, Darryl.

Matt Badham

Rich Johnson said...


You should read 'The Air Loom Gang' by Mike Jay. It's an account of James Tilly Matthews, the first psychiatric case to invent an 'influencing machine.' It's a fascinating read, and goes some way towards answering your question.

Martin JurĨa said...

I just read Psychiatric tales and it was pretty fantastic! Looking forward to book number two!

Funcanny said...

A fascinating story, Darryl, with a strong, positive message. Superbly drawn as always - the almost Pictish dog is wonderful. Just a couple of typos: Moor's Murderers should simply be Moors wihout the apostrophe (two instances) and I would suggest 'dog-attacking baby' (with a hyphen). Can't wait for this second volume.

Anonymous said...

Love your work. So happy you are getting the acknowledgement you deserve.