Monday, 1 April 2013

Off To MoCCA in New York

I shall be at MoCCA Arts Festival in New York on the weekend 6th and 7th of April. Where I'll be signing the US version of Science Tales, known as How To Fake A Moon Landing. Do come down and meet me if you can? Here's the link.
A panel from my comic strip on the life of Ayn Rand, which I'm still working on.


mixolosopher said...

Hi Darryl

Discovered your site through I F***in' Love Science on Facebook. I'm curious about your stance when it comes to Ayn Rand - I'm aware that your finished strip may shed light on this but I wondered what made you decide to do a piece on her life.

Darryl Cunningham said...

Hi mixolosopher. The Rand strip is a section of a book I'm writing about the financial crash and the failure of austerity politics. I'm sympathetic to some degree to Rand as a damaged human being, but I detest her politics.