Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Here are the first four pages of my comic book exploration of the financial crisis. 

It's often said that there is a huge gulf between the general public and their understanding of science. I'm not sure that this gulf is as large as some claim it is, as science shows on TV are hugely popular. What is true is that there exists a Grand Canyon-sized gulf between ordinary people and their understanding of finance. It's a gulf that needs to be crossed if we've any hope of understanding the complexities of the modern world. 

This is my modest attempt to do something about the problem.

Crash 1

Crash 2

Crash 3

Crash 4


tim said...

Looking good so far! Can't wait to pick up the book!

Garry Barker said...

Great stuff, I hope Dave is going to buy one and stop one.

spleenal said...

Excellent stuff as always. I remember everyone loving Gordon Brown for deregulating the banks everyone loved him until it all came crashing down and it was his fault. This was my take on it...