Wednesday, 13 August 2014

You Might As Well Live


Unknown said...

Perhaps the jumper's mistake was in leaping to his death whilst in possession of some semblance of hope. Had the jumper been utterly bereft of hope and filled to the brim with despair then I'm sure they'd not be so likely to experience mid-air second thoughts.

You also have to imagine that irregardless of one's level of hope or despair, the sheer terror of plummeting to your death is likely to instil you with some sense of a clinging for life, since you are at the precipice—beyond the precipice in fact— of resigning life for the vast nothingness of eternity.

Darryl Cunningham said...

There are, of course, many caveats to this, but I wanted to spread a message of hope.

Mike Ballard said...

Regardless of what others say, this was an important message to get out today. UROK?