Monday, 15 June 2009

Cut and Delusions

Further pages from my Psychiatric Tales project. The good news I've had is that I've found a publisher interested in this. All I have to do now is sit down and write and draw up another 65 pages.





Dave Shelton said...

Hey, Darryl, congratulations on getting a publisher interested. Well deserved and not before time. Good luck getting the new pages drawn.


Jason Coal said...

Hey Darryl! Long time fan, just wanted to say
congrats and good luck!
I can't wait to hold a graphic novel by you!
Thanks for inspiring those of us with a more cartoony style to be brave and put our work out there.
While Im loving the Dementia Ward work, I must say: more Super Sam and John of the Night, please!

Matt Badham said...

Yes, yes, yes, yes......YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rather pleased about this.

Matt B

happychinchilla said...

I just found your work after reading a review at "Lost At e Minor".
Congratulations your work is very moving, informative and beautifully drawn.
Congratulations on your great work.

snailsnail said...

fantastic stuff... I've just come to your blog via mind hacks and reading these comics has been really moving. Great to hear they'll be published.

starksonit said...

thank you so much for your compassion towards people who struggle with self-injury

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