Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Grey Doodleland

I'm going to start doing a series of black and white ink drawings with the intention of selling them. For years, I've been colouring my work using photoshop and the disadvantage of this, is that there really isn't any original artwork left fit to sell. It all ends up on the hard disc, so that only prints are available to buy. Not only that, but it's so long since I last did any crosshatching, that I've basically forgotten how to do it. So the image below is a sort of half and half picture, where I've tentatively tipped my toe into crosshatching again, before launching myself into the depth of a real non-photoshop ink drawing.

Grey Doodle World


Mikal said...

I really liked your work already but the crosshatching adds more texture to your style.

I was daydreaming today that if I had more money I would commission you to draw a version of Breughal's Tower of Babel. I think that subject done in your style would look amazing. Happy New Year!

Frank H. said...

very nice

how to ollie said...

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