Monday, 4 October 2010

Uncle Bob And The Frankenstein Monster

Latest chapter of Uncle Bob Adventures. I'm now around half way through the book which will be out from Blank Slate next year. Feel free to point out any errors. Thank you.

bob frankenstein 1

2 bob frankenstein

3 bob frankenstein

4 bob frankenstein

bob frankenstein 5

bob frankenstein 6

bob frankenstein 7

bob frankenstein 8

bob frankenstein 9

bob frankenstein 10

bob frankenstein 11

bob frankenstein 12

bob frankenstein 13

bob frankenstein 14

bob frankenstein 15

bob frankenstein 16

bob frankenstein 17

bob frankenstein 18

bob frankenstein 19


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this. You have 'artic' for 'arctic' though.

WJC said...

Brilliant stuff! Fantastic scenery.

Anonymous said...

Page 1: "help me" -> "held me"?

Sarah said...

Oh, WOW! So beautiful! And what a great sad ending. You're amazing, Darryl! xx

Anonymous said...

enjoyable read.

thought i'd join in with the proof-reading, if it's helpful -- lightening> i presume you meant lightning.

DeBT said...

The only thing I would change would be the last page, first panel. There should be a question mark at the end of Uncle Bob's statement rather than a flat sentence. It would go from,

"What have I done."


"What have I done?"

I'm always mystified as to why people seem to have trouble putting question marks when appropriate. Or was this intentional on your part?

Darryl Cunningham said...

Dear DeBT.

I just forgot the question mark. Will correct that and other things on the next pass.

joe said...

wow this is so tragic :(

John K'baum said...

Nice work! (As always!)

Anonymous said...

Thats an awesome story and great illustration simple yet effective .

Dan said...


Just clicked through from the Frankensteinia blog. Now I'm a fan and waiting in line for the first Uncle Bob book.

That fast....