Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Facts In The Case Of Dr. Andrew Wakefield

A fifteen page story about the MMR vaccination controversy. Note added August 2013. This chapter, much corrected, is part of my book Science Tales (known as 'How To Fake A Moon Landing' in the States). A book on controversial science subjects, including evolution, the supposed fakes NASA Moon landings, homeopathy, and much more.

1 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

2 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

3 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

4 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

5 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

6 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 7 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 8 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 9 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 10 Vaccination Scandal Story

mmr 11 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 12 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 13 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 14 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 15 Vaccination Scandal Story

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References for the The Facts In The Case Of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, A Graphic Story By Darryl Cunningham. The main webpages I used to research this topic. I looked at many more, but the one's listed here were the most informative.

Ben Goldacre. The media’s MMR hoax.

The MMR-autism fraud. An investigation by Brian Deer.

David Gorski. The Fall of Andrew Wakefield.

Andrew Wakefield. From Wikipedia.

Profile: BBC on Dr Andrew Wakefield.

Brian Deer Dateline documentary.


Sue said...

Wow, Darryl! It's amazingly good. I am awed by it. All that and Psyciatric Tales, too! I've told DH he should review it for the BMJ/Yellow Journal, btw! More power to your pen, my friend.

mazzawoo said...


Jean said...
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Anonymous said...

this is really really good Darryl. Thank you

Jean said...

sorry, spelled something wrong. (Holy) Pshitt!!!<-- an orangade drink still sold in France I think--I haven't been anywhere since my husband and I have had the fouth and fifth of my sons, who have autism. jean

occhiblu said...

I really love this. Thanks for sharing it!

On the nitpicky spelling side, on page 13, the last panel, "lackeys" is missing the E.

Alison Neale said...

Really good, excellent stuff. I knew most of th story but not Wakefield's motivation, must have taken you ages just to research this, never mind draw it!

Spotted a couple of typos (I know, I'm a grammar nazi ...!)
Page 8, first box - should be expenses
pg 12 box 3: should be colonoscopies and lumbar punctures
pg 13 last box ... lackies

Dave said...

Loved it, great job. Btw: lawyers

Anonymous said...

Brilliant way to end it mate!

texty said...

Hi. This is really interesting. I'm curious, did Wakefield report a link between the mercury in the MMR vaccination and autism? As I understand it, mercury comes up a lot in the debate; what did you find in the research about that? I'm looking forward to seeing your bibliography, too. Thanks for sharing this piece.

Anonymous said...

What's worse is that this charlatan, this harmful fraud, has written his own "boo-hoo I'm being persecuted" book and it's being published: http://www.amazon.com/Callous-Disregard-Autism-Vaccines-Tragedy/dp/1616081694/

isles said...

texty: there is not and never has been mercury in the MMR vaccine.

FYI, many studies have looked for a link between thimerosal-containing vaccines (thimerosal is an antimicrobial compound of which mercury is one component) but no connection has ever been found.

For the author: I love this! I think pediatricians should print up copies for their waiting rooms. BTW, I think it's "Barr" not "Bar."

tall guy said...

Texty and Isles. Thimerosal has never been the issue in in Britain that it has been in the US, and it wasn't part of Wakefield's study. It's no longer used in the MMR vaccine. If Thimerosal had been implicated in any way as a cause of autism, then its removal should have resulted in a drop in autism rates. Nothing of the sort has happened.


natselrox said...

Absolutely brilliant! Loved it! This needs to be seen by everyone.

Jefe said...

Thanks for the enlightenment. We were just about to fall under a fraud of this sort over here in Chile. It started as an e-mail hoax and then made its way to newspapers and TV news. Can you believe that? At least you fell for a paper, we went nuts for some cheap spam!

Anonymous said...

Great cartoon - more people need to see this. Just one more nitpicky spelling correction though - it should be 'fundamental principle', not 'principal'.

Anonymous said...

Wow - this is really great. Am going to check out the rest of your work right now!

Namowal said...

Thanks for drawing this (including the research it took!) I hope it sets some people straight.

Anonymous said...

Here are the edits you requested:
1. p. 2 "Proven truth" As a scientist, I have to tell you that (a) scientists never "prove" anything (that's for mathematicians) but attempt at most to make statements that are extremely reliable. And scientists don't much like the word "truth" either. How about "Scientific evidence is seen as just a matter of opinion, rather than objective reality."
2. p. 7: for Bar read Barr
p. 11: "no child ... their" Make this agree in number.
p. 13: for "lackys" read "lackeys" or "lackies"
p. 15: For "like" read "as if"
and delete "would" from "and that editors would assign"
and a question mark at the end of that sentence.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. I really love it.

Anonymous said...

Very well done. The only other edit I see is that principal should be principle.

Ghosty said...

Thank you.

Simon Fraser said...

Great work Darryl. I was dimly aware of this , but had no idea the level of mendacity involved. As ever you elucidate complex subjects brilliantly.

Timothy said...

As a comic artist myself, I believe comics are the best way to portray complex ideas like this in a popular form. Just brilliant. Thank you. If you ever publish it, I'll order a bunch of copies for my non-science believing friends!

Rich said...


Anonymous said...

yes prove a conspiracy theory wrong by smacking it with one of your own...Fire with fire..

Ben Mottram said...

I far prefer your comic to Wakefield's bleating which is comedy in its own right!

Caddy Wumpus said...

Nicely done. I'm spreading this around like its a virus or something...

Pedro Homero said...

This is superb! I'm going to share it like there's no tomorrow :D

Dave Miller said...


This is quite brilliant - your work is really inspiring. This is a very important subject, I kept my children from having their MMR jab for years because of this. I remember watching a TV docu-drama on wakefield and the MMR story, and they seemed to side with him. The fact the authorities were bugging his phone seemed like proof to me that they were trying to get rid of him, and so I took it that he was the good guy in all this, and the victim. Your work shows the opposite is true, which is very surprising.

Keep up the great work!

dave (http://davemiller.org)

Buy online Handbags said...
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Penglish said...

I posted a link to this on a web site for vaccination practitioners. One has replied Is this copyrighted, or could I use it in teaching packs - its excellent.

No doubt you'd like to make some money out of this. OTOH, it may be difficult for people teaching practitioners about vaccination to get funding for teaching materials. How should I respond?

tall guy said...

Hi Penglish.

Can you ask them to email me directly. darryltoon@googlemail.com. I'm very keen for this work to be used in education.

Julian said...

Great work.
I just bought 2 copies of Psychiatric Tales today

Andreas Kyriacou said...

Wonderful! Very thorough and fabulously drawn!

I just blogged about your unmasking of Wakefield (and included an excerpt of page 8 as an illustration, hope that's ok).

sato travel deals said...
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Leviathan said...

Nice! You are a good man.

Ed Darrell said...

Outstanding timing on your part -- several stories on measles striking back this week.

Plus, others rave about this piece. I think you've got a hit.

ToastyKen said...

Did you replace page 11 on flickr? It's not showing up on the blogspot version; I think you have to refresh the link from flickr.

Sato Printer said...

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Elaine said...

Genius, Daryl, pure genius.
I truly did not understand the story with Dr. Wakefield and was being taken by the media blitz toward making him a hero. Thank you for clearly illustrating (no pun intended) the details.

Elaine Hall
The Miracle Project
author, Now I See the Moon

Anonymous said...

Wow, this was awesome.
I just spotted one typo that noone had referred to, I think: page 5, panel 4 has "Wakfield".

isles said...

Darryl - You're right that Wakefield was all about MMR, not thimerosal, and that if thimerosal were related to autism, the precipitous drop in its use in US vaccines should have (but did not) lead to a drop in autism rates.

Where you're not quite right is in saying that thimerosal is "no longer used" in MMR - it never was. My understanding is that, as a sanitizing agent, it would kill off the already-attenuated measles, mumps, and rubella viruses that are necessary for the MMR vaccine to work.

(IIRC, before 1999, thimerosal was used in DTaP, Hib, and hepatitis B vaccines in the United States. I don't know about the UK.)

Jean said...

As the mum of a fab little boy who has autism, I am delighted to read your comic strip...it makes great sense xxx

Rayle said...

Just a small critque... Panal 3, middle two scenes ... is in total disagreement with panal 7 last two scenes. I think you got one of them mixed up ... just FYI

Steve Jones said...

Nice comic but ...

No parents complained. None, nada, zilch. An anonymous complaint (presumably Deer) was made. Evidence was disregarded and much of what Wakefield said was spun.

Of course, if it isn't MMR, where the hell are all these autistic kids coming from? I mean, I've got two.

Here's a link for you all - the other side.

morpork@blueyonder.co.uk said...

Excellent work, Darryl. Just wish your panels on the slavish press coverage supporting Wakefield had included the infamous Private Eye "special edition" (the cover's at http://www.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/324/7347/1224/
if you can squeeze it in).

Steve Jones said...

A video including interesting stuff about the heroic Brian Deer.

Dissertation Writing service said...
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Anonymous said...

Half the images of this biased cartoon are missing. What Doctors Dont Tell You has it right...


Anonymous said...

Very nicely and succinctly summarised.
One teeny correction-Wakefield was not a surgeon but a paediatric gastroenterologist.

Anonymous said...

It is the case, as at least one other commenter stated, that the MMR vaccine NEVER contained Thimerosal. Please see http://www.fda.gov/biologicsbloodvaccines/safetyavailability/vaccinesafety/ucm096228.htm#t1

I like your work very much. My quibble is with the implication that, because Wakefield is somewhat of a quack, there is no link between vaccines and autism.

I've gone back and forth on the issue, and currently my own mind is not made up. There have been studies looking for links between Thimerosal and autism, but I haven't seen studies that address the cumulative effect of vaccines and the various substances contained therein.

Roland said...

A magnificent and well illustrated expose of what happens, when you combine a misuse of scientific method with a rabid all devouring media looking for any way to increase market penetration. In the end truth and rationality are washed away in a bid to find a convienient, easily digested scapegoat ie Big Pharma or Government conspiracies.
Brilliantly done Darryl!

Larian LeQuella said...

I for one am glad you made this, and will send people to as often as I can. I am even reposting this over to http://factsnotfantasy.com a site that fights the LIES said by the anti-vax nutters.

Rachel Rubin-Toles said...

There is a vaccine against pertussis, whooping cough, yet 5 children have died from pertussis recently in California. As a doctor I spend a lot of time trying to educate parents on why vaccines are important and giving evidence against all kinds of misinformation in the media and on-line. Thanks for doing this.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing that! As a solo mum who has a child with Autism, it is really refreshing to read. I for one have chosen to spend my time making sure my beautiful child is loved, happy and has the best life possible...instead of trying to blame and point the finger. I remember once in a health shop I was told by the saleslady that I had 'given my child Autism' by allowing him to have the MMR injection. All this does is make what is a painful and hard road even harder..we don't need patronising, we need support and encouragement. Thanks again.

Ali from Portland said...

AWESOME! I am always tickled to find someone that is spreading the word for the other side, the side that the evidence supports: MMR vax DOESN'T equal autism! I'm a mom of a son on the autism spectrum and I know that my son's vaccines didn't cause his autism.

Suggestion for a part 2.... Wakefield's continued financial gain from this, he's opened a treatment facility in TX that 'treats' children with autism by chelation and other methods, in order to 'cure' them. He is taking advantage of parents that are scared and looking for help for their autistic kids by promising cures that don't exist.... Google it. Wakefield is a DOUCHE.

Jaya said...

nice work. I hope someone sends this very nice, simple explanation to those US celebs that have climbed on board Wakefield's wagon in ignorance...

Murfomurf said...

Great work! I'm referencing your blog/comic in my own blog entry concerned with poor immunisation uptake by nurses, and grandparents of new babies.

Andrew said...

Great stuff, one small correction though, if it's not too late, I see this has come out a while ago: Page 5, panel 4 says Wakfield instead of Wakefield. Although "Wakfield" sounds better, considering.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. There is too much to do against all stupids that believe the various wakefields avalaible every decade. I hope someday never believes one of them.

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Anonymous said...

The correct spelling is "lackeys," not "lackies." Normally, I wouldn't point it out, but you asked for folks to do so.

Great job! Still, it appears that you haven't convinced all the commenters, who still want to hang on to a belief that there is a connection.

Penglish said...

Dear Darryl,

Have you seen the BMJ today? Or the CNN coverage? I've posted on a closed group about this - I'll copy it to my blog, http://peterenglish.blogspot.com/ shortly.


Bad Paper said...

"Lackeys" not "lackies."

BWJones said...

Nicely done. We absolutely need far more reporters with basic training in science to cover science issues.

Anonymous said...

So where is the other half of the sorry saga....? Like, did you research or deliberately refrain from establishing whether someone else is assigned to continuing the research independently/ethically? Perhaps if you were to be a carer of a severely autistic toddler/child (with bowel issues) for a couple of hours you may wish to finish the investigation cartoon strip with another two lengthy columns?

Gazza_62 said...

Interesting, as a parent of a child now 19, who went from very able to autistic, very shortly after the MMR jab, I would love to expedite real justice to any person truly responsible for the situation, but only when in full receipt of the truth.

dave miller said...

Some links which question your side of the story:




Tammy said...

Love your comic but not your story... sorry. I am sure that you won't allow this to post but at least it will get to seen by your eyes. I have done alot of research on this subject myself. It is simply not true and has been proven to be a fabricated story by the British Medical Journel. Here's a link for you to read all about it. http://letterfromserendipity.com/vaccination_problems/andrew-wakefield-me-and-the-british-medical-journal/

Pre Rain Man Autism said...

Great work!
Too bad contemporay autism got a hold of the wrong end of the stick as autism all figured out is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Autism is simply the long-hand version of human thought, it has never been in a text book beore and spans from MR/DD to Einstein (really). Once we learn the autism thoughts we come up with the short hand thought you know and love as normal. With that in mind it is no wonder why research of any type is so exhausting.

Rich Shull, Inventor of the Turing motor a green triple hybird car motor named for autism hero and father of the computer, Alan Turing 1912-1954

obakesan said...

hats off to great work!


Anonymous said...

Where's the money in fact checking?

Filipe Gomes said...

Great work, Darryl!
Please go on doing this kind of things - we desperatly need them to reach everybody!

Ben Naidus said...

This is a very informative cartoon. Brian Deer's portrayal is a bit off. And y'all have a small little problem: http://childhealthsafety.wordpress.com/2010/05/06/wakefield%E2%80%99s-lancet%C2%A0paper%C2%A0vindicated/

Wakefield's research has been reproduced. Regardless of his ethical violations and money he was paid for doing the research, it was valid. Let's not forget that Wakefield had an issue with Merck's MMR not all MMR or the measeles vaccine.

Yael said...

Tammy: Pardon me, but I tend to be fairly suspicious of the medical veracity of a blogger who apparently wrote a book about mystical flying and such, which he describes as follows:
"I not only reveal AMAZING and almost indescribable secrets about the beginnings of time, past lives, counter-gravity, creative consciousness, the clash of universes and much more… It’s NOT FICTION. Over 90% of this text happened to me in real life."
Doesn't make him sound terribly scientific, yaknow.

Haven't checked the 'Child Health Safety' blog mentioned later, but from a brief glance it appears to be part of the anti-vaccine crusade; I'd appreciate a link to an objective source, if one is available.

Lupus said...

Great Job, darryl. Keep doing this. Regards


Erik's Travels said...

I'm a doctor working in the third (and fourth!) world these days and I've seen all kind of government and private sector data manipulation of data for whatever the cause is determined to be (both good and bad). I don't know how well your facts were researched, but on the internet today we are all subject to believing or disbelieving what we read. Typically, however, for Lancet to remove a key article like this there had to be some significant holes in his work. Nicely done.

jojopig.com said...

Thanks for the posts. good stuff.

antharding said...

Its hard to know who to believe after all i've read. But logic tells me that multiple vaccines are going to be much harder for the human body to deal with than individual vaccines. I guess when you are at the bottom/receiving end of the media chain and all you can do is rely on the findings of others. You have to go with your gut instinct.
Mine is that singular vaccines make more sense than multiple doses given at one time.

Peter English said...

antharding What do you mean, "logic tels me that..."?

I think you mean that paranoia tells you that. Think about it: every time you graze your knee or brush your teeth your immune system has to cope with thousands of times more antigens getting into the blood stream than with any vaccine. If our immune systems couldn't cope with this, there'd be no vertebrate life on earth!

This isn't just my ramblings - there are a lot of scientific studies showing this, such as Offit's 2002 article;[1] and there are any number of studies showing that multiple antigen vaccines are safe.

The alternative is delaying full vaccination, and leaving yourself or your child at risk of potentially fatal diseases in the meantime.

The safest thing is to get properly vaccinated, with a licensed vaccine (there has never been a single component mumps vaccine safe and effective enough to get a UK license), at the earliest opportunity, and not to delay it because of spurious fears about "multiple vaccines".

1. Offit PA, Quarles J, Gerber MA, Hackett CJ, Marcuse EK, Kollman TR, et al. Addressing parents' concerns: do multiple vaccines overwhelm or weaken the infant's immune system? Pediatrics 2002;109(1):124-9. (http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/cgi/content/abstract/109/1/124).

Anne Glowinski said...


Unknown said...

Love it...brilliant. I think this could grab a lot of attention: however, you REALLY need to post all of your references, preferably on the bottom of each strip. If you don't have references, it looks like just opinions/speculation from you and makes you appear to lack credibility. I posted it on my facebook page, and boom, someone immediately jumped on the lack of citations. It says that the references are listed on the next blog post, but I couldn't find them; and it makes it appear that you are not legit. Not trying to be overly critical. I really did enjoy it, but I want others to take you seriously.

Mahesh MSA said...

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michael0156 said...

Of course Darryl is just another drug industry shill & is not interested in the truth, not even caring that he blatantly and fatally contradicts himself in his cartoon imagery & wording.

He also deletes comments he doesn't like, so I won;t waste my time refuting nearly everything in his post.

Then he asks for donations... hoping his work is seen by drug industry defenders with some cash to spare, no doubt... what some people will do for money is, in itself, a crime.

Michael Polidori

Camarelli said...

Hi Darryl, is there a portuguese version?
If not, do you allow me to make one? I'll just change the text and keep the original drawings. What do you say? I have no comercial intention at all, just wanna share it freely in my blog.

Thank you for this awesome work!


Ren said...

Hi. Really loved this. I'm sharing this with many of my friends. I have one request. Jenny McCarthy was a model in the 90s, and did some acting in the 90s-00s. But she has been primarily famous for the last 10+ years as an anti-vaccine advocate. She's written many books, talked on TV etc etc. Could you please replace the almost naked photo of her from her youth to a more current (and I would say more accurate) representation of her? I understand that she is wrong, and that her view re: autism-vaccines are dangerous. But my using that photo you are implying she is stupid because she is sexual (or WAS, a LONG time ago!) and not because she just believes a widely-believed lie.

TL;DR? Please replace the photo with Jenny McCarthy with another. The photo used is sexist and distracts from your main point. It would be much appreciated. Thank you for all your hard work on this comic in general.

terry said...

Great info that is. And for all you grammar nazis....didn't see a link to your works at all. Noone likes a nitpick.

Henrik said...

What was fraud. NOT Dr Wakfield!


Michael Polidori said...

Lies are not the basis for any defense of science, nor an attack on an hypothesis. Nor does science need Daryl’s help.

What needs Daryl’s "help" is the anti-science nonsense he supports with this compilation of lies in the form of cartoons, in support of the drug industry.

Daryl doesn't refer to any evidence, typical avoidance, but makes vague references to a variety of organizations that disclaim any connection between vaccines and autism.

Everyone of his references, if they have produced evidence claiming vaccines do not cause autism, have simply lied.

Three children whose brains were proved to be injured by vaccines and who received compensation from the USA National Vaccine Injury Program were also diagnosed, at the time of their injuries and compensation, with disorders that are Autism Spectrum in the 2013 version of the DSM, put out by the American Psychiatric Association.

Those kids' names are Ryan Mojabi, Bailey Banks and Hannah Poling. Hannah Poling's parents are both medical professionals and had to fight Health and Human Services to release the results of the trial and decision awarding them and their daughter compensation for the injuries... Health and Human Services secretary refused to permit the release the transcript of that trial.
Ryan Mojabi - http://www.uscfc.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/opinions/CAMPBELL-SMITH.MOJABI-PROFFER.12.13.2012.pdf
Bailey Banks - http://www.uscfc.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/opinions/Abell.BANKS.02-0738V.pdf
Hannah Poling - http://www.uscfc.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/opinions/CAMPBELL-SMITH.POLING012811.pdf

Also Daryl mostly relies on Brian Deer, a reporter, without any training in science or medicine.
But Daryl decries untrained reporters commenting on science or medical issues - Daryl stated - "Is it too much to ask... that editors would assign science stories to reporters who have knowledge of the subject?"

some of Deer's lies that Daryl repeats as truth -
1. Wakefield had a conflict of interest by accepting money from a law firm to research a possible connection between autism and vaccinations (not just MMR), and that conflict voids the 1998 report of 12 children who were treated by Dr Wakefield and 12 others.
What does the 1998 report say about autism, MMR and enterocolitis?
- http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736%2897%2911096-0/fulltext -

"We identified associated gastrointestinal disease and developmental regression in a group of previously normal children, which was generally associated in time with possible environmental triggers."

And this -
"We did not prove an association between measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine and the syndrome described."


But Daryl implies Dr Wakefield's 1998 paper was to be used in litigation and that the money he received should have been declared to the Lancet. but under rules set for declaring conflicts of interest no researcher was required to make such declarations. Nor does the lack of such declaration void the research Dr Wakefield and his colleagues did. (WHICH DIDN'T SUPPORT MMR CAUSING AUTISM!!!)

So what did the study claim about MMR/autism/enterocolitis?
That there was a possible connection, but they did not prove anything.
The group of children they studied was too small and biased to come to any valid conclusions.

So this paper did nothing to prove MMR or enterocolitis caused autism.
Why is it being continually attacked and Dr Wakefield and Dr John Walker-Smith persecuted for 10 years over it?


Michael Polidori said...

- continuation -

Then Daryl claims Dr Wakefield filed a patent for a measles vaccine that would be used if "confidence in MMR was damaged".
This is another couple of lies by Daryl.
Dr Wakefield filed a patent for a therapeutic treatment for measles infection in the intestines, not a vaccine against measles.
There was already a patented single valent measles vaccine used in Britain,
When Dr Wakefield filed his patent he named The Royal Free Hospital as the owner of the patent, so he never would have gained a penny from it if it were successful in treating gut measles infections.

Daryl then repeats Deer's lies about Dr Wakefield tampering with patients' records.
How did Deer get the patient records to compare?
Tampering with patient records is a crime in the UK, yet the GMC never charged or convicted Dr Wakefield Dr Walker-Smith of this crime when taking their licenses.

The GMC took their licenses for a difference of opinion on the clinical necessity of procedures which were then considered routine for investigating gastrointestinal problems. No other doctor or hospital had been able to help any of those 12 kids, which is how they ended up at the Royal Free.

The GMC made a comment of "callous disregard" for children because Dr Wakefield had taken blood samples at his son's birthday party. these samples were to get normal readings of children's blood to compare to the sick children. Parental consent and the children's consent were both obtained for all the samples.

Daryl says Deer claimed the changes Dr Wakefield made to records (He didn't, Deer lied) made it "look as if a new syndrome had been discovered".

But in the infamous "Retraction of an Interpretation" - http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736%2804%2915715-2/fulltext - the authors state "Further evidence has been forthcoming in studies from the Royal Free Centre for Pediatric Gastroenterology and other groups to support and extend these findings" - this means the findings in the 1998 paper. It is further supported.
By such studies as -
1. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12352252
2. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16267642/
3. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21623535
4. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3878266/
5. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21058170
6. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3364648/

...and MANY more studies supporting the fact that vaccination causes some cases of autism.

Why does Daryl go to such lengths to lie about the health and welfare of children?
Why did Brian Deer do this?
Why did Fiona Godlee, Chief editor of BMJ print the fraudulent reporting of Brian Deer without fact-checking his claims?

There is much more wrong with Daryl’s cartoon.
If he allows this post to stand as a comment then I will expose the rest of the problems with the information he has in it.

As always,
Defending the health and welfare of children,
Defending true science-based evidence and the doctors and researchers who present it,
Michael Polidori

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Detroit Matiaha said...

After researching both sides of the debate on whether vaccinations should be compulsory for children under the age of 5 years old, I strongly believe that, yes, they should be made compulsory. Vaccinations save lives. Some even prevent cancer, such as the Gardasil vaccine which prevents HPV. In our modern day and age, people have grown accustomed to following the majority. People do not want to be frowned upon when they do not follow what everyone else is doing. It’s the way we live. It’s our culture as a community, as a country. If majority of people choose to vaccinate, chances are others will follow the trend and will vaccinate as well. People who think that it shouldn’t be compulsory to vaccinate, I believe are ignorant and do not have the prior knowledge to help them make an informed decision on the topic. They do not understand the fact that vaccinations are most likely the greatest invention of all time because they save thousands, if not millions of lives from diseases which are preventable, but one time plagued the world.
Death rates of people dying from preventable diseases have dropped significantly thanks to vaccinations. In fact, vaccinations have almost eradicated diseases from existence. Side effects or reactions to vaccinations are rare. Vaccinations should be compulsory for children under the age of 5 as it will keep them from catching any deadly, preventable diseases. And which parent doesn’t want that. To know that, none of these diseases from, polio to measles, will affect my child because they are protected.

Michael Polidori said...

Vaccinations save lives, but not the lives you think.

What "Detroit Matiaha" deliberately doesn't discuss or even mention is that at least 10% of us cannot receive vaccinations routinely.
10% of us have immune problems, either genetic or caused by toxic exposures (including some drugs like Enbrel, Humira, Nasonex, Flonase, Singulair, many others).
If you blindly vaccinate immune impaired kids or adults with live vaccines the probability is high you will injure or kill them.
As Merck WARNS in the MMR package insert - If you vaccinate anyone with an immune problem, primary (genetic) or secondary (acquired)"... MIBE, pneumonitis or death may result..."

Compulsory vaccines for every child under the age of 5 will not work. You will kill or seriously injure many tens of thousands of them.
Many of the injuries will be neurological.

If you are healthy enough to receive a vaccination you don't need one.

So why do we have a vaccination program?

To protect, through herd immunity, those kids and adults who cannot be vaccinated.
THEY are the ones who have died in past epidemics.
THEY are the ones we are killing and permanently injuring with current mandatory vaccination programs.

The reason vaccines kill or injure these kids? We don't screen them properly before they are vaccinated or the screening guidelines are incomplete.

The MMR package insert is 11 pages of warnings, precautions and contraindications (reasons not to vaccinate).
In the package insert Merck instructs healthcare professionals to inform parents or guardians of all of these.
Who among you has had 11 pages of a warning pamphlet read to you or explained to you before your child is vaccinated?
I was NEVER warned about adverse effects vaccines may have on any of my three kids. We were fortunate to not have lost any of them or had any of them obviously or permanently injured.

"Detroit" repeats many of th industry standard fear mongering propaganda phrases the drug industry creates.
"Vaccinations save lives", without explaining which lives (as I explained above).
"Vaccines prevent cancer... Gardasil". HPV isn't proved to cause cancer of any type. It is associated with cervical cancer, but you won't get cervical cancer just because you have HPV.
The FDA/CDC/Merck all admit you must be CHRONICALLY infected with HPV (your immune system must be impaired for this to happen) and you must have one of more co-factors before you are at risk of cervical cancer. Those co-factors are smoking, oral contraceptive use, another chronic STD infection - all of which either impair your immune system or are evidence your immune system is impaired.
In addition, MANY cervical cancers appear without HPV virus.
Gardasil is one of the biggest drug industry frauds ever perpetrated.


Michael Polidori said...


Detroit Matiahi says - "People who think it shouldn’t be compulsory to vaccinate, I believe are ignorant"
The drug industry wants you to believe that anyone opposed to mandatory vaccines is ignorant.

What "Detroit" doesn't know (or won't admit) is most parents who refuse some or all vaccines, have college degrees. The more intelligent a parent, the more likely they will not vaccinate.

Detroit says - "Death rates of people dying from preventable diseases have dropped significantly"

Thanks to vaccinations or thanks to improved nutrition, hygiene, sanitation, drinking water quality?
All of those lifestyle improvements (not vaccines) improve our health & our immune systems' ability to fight off diseases... ALL diseases.

If you have impaired immunity then all of those lifestyle improvements won't matter... neither will vaccines.
Vaccines cannot fix a broken immune system.
Vaccines rely on a working immune system to recognize destroy & remember the bacteria or virus in vaccines.

Detroit says - "Side effects or reactions to vaccinations are rare."
No one on the planet knows how many injuries & deaths are caused by vaccines every day... because no one is looking for or counting these injuries & deaths.

The world's largest vaccine database is the USA Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).
VAERS receives between 25,000 to 35,000 written reports annually but it's VOLUNTARY!!
HHS/CDC admit, because it is voluntary, ACTUAL adverse events associated w/ vaccines is likely 20 to 100 times higher.

VAERS reports are usually filled out & filed by healthcare professionals, giving more weight to vaccinations causing the injury or death.

Which kids are injured or killed by vaccines?
The ones w/ impaired immune systems or sensitivities to toxins/contaminants in vaccines.

Which kids does Merck's MMR package insert warn us not to vaccinate?
Kids with immune problems, genetic or acquired
Also kids with any family history of immune problems "until the immune competence of the potential vaccine recipient is demonstrated."

Who here knows their family history of immune problems?
You are supposed to know that before your child gets an MMR shot!

Here is what Merck states in the MMR package insert - "The health-care provider should inform the patient, parent, or guardian of the benefits & risks associated w/ vaccination. For risks... see WARNINGS, PRECAUTIONS & ADVERSE REACTIONS"

"Detroit" then shames/blames - "Vaccinations should be compulsory for children under the age of 5 as it will keep them from catching any diseases. And which parent doesn’t want that."
If you don't agree w/ mandatory vaccinations you are a bad parent and/or an ignorant one.

Not screening properly results in kids being injured or killed by vaccines... kids that should have never been vaccinated... kids that should have been partially protected by herd immunity (the rest of us, healthy enough, getting vaccinated).

The HHS/CDC crudely ESTIMATE for 2011 the following # of adverse events happened in the USA -
Total injuries - 520,000 to 2.6 MILLION
Serious injuries (requiring medical care) - 74,000 to 370,000
Deaths - 4,020 to 20,200

These numbers for 2011 are shocking & show vaccines are not simply "safe & effective".

What we need is proper investigation of the true # of injuries & deaths caused by vaccines every year, a review of screening criteria contained in vaccine package inserts, a review of how well these warnings/precautions/contraindications are being communicated to parents, as well as evaluating how much the parents understand.

As Always,
For the protection of children,
In the interests of Truth and Science,
Michael Polidori

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hou said...

This isn't just my ramblings - there are a lot of scientific studies showing this, such as Offit's 2002 article;[1] and there are any number of studies showing that multiple antigen vaccines are safe.
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Michael Polidori said...

Paul Offit is the poster child for conflict of interest.

Offit made over $50 MILLION from his rota-virus vaccine. That vaccine is proved to cause intussusception, a very painful telescoping of a child's or infant's intestine within itself.
Rota-virus vaccine isn't needed. Rota virus is a disease that threatens the life of only those kids who have impaired immune systems, live in squalor/poverty, drink unsanitary water and are poorly fed.
In a child with a compromised immune system, vaccines have no effect or a weakened effect - so vaccinating children living in poverty and unsanitary conditions CAUSES deaths and injuries far above what happens to developed nations' vaccinated children.

Even in a child who is successfully vaccinated, if the child becomes immune-compromised later due to poor/unsanitary/deprived living conditions, their vaccine-acquired-immunity will probably not work.
Just read the package inserts for Flonase and Nasonex. If you come into contact with measles while using these nasal sprays, you must immediately seek medical evaluation and possible administration of anti-viral medications!!!


Because the administration of corticosteroids (like Nasonex and Flonase), even through a nasal spray, causes systemic immune suppression.
Using Flonase or Nasonex (even in a healthy person with no immune problems) can cause immune suppression, leading to severe illness or death from ordinary diseases like measles or chickenpox.

Vaccines are not simply "safe and effective", as so many who are profiting off of vaccinations robotically repeat.

To create the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, the mantra repeated by legislators and to legislators was "vaccines are unavoidably unsafe", therefore vaccine makers should not be subject to lawsuits for injuries and deaths their vaccines cause. Vaccines were considered too important, so since the NCVIA took full effect in 1988, NO ONE in the USA can sue a vaccine maker for harm vaccines are proved to cause.


Michael Polidori

Michael Polidori said...

Vaccines are not simply "safe and effective", as so many who are profiting off of vaccinations robotically repeat.

To create the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, the mantra repeated by legislators and to legislators was "vaccines are unavoidably unsafe", therefore vaccine makers should not be subject to lawsuits for injuries and deaths their vaccines cause. Vaccines were considered too important, so since the NCVIA took full effect in 1988, NO ONE in the USA can sue a vaccine maker for harm vaccines are proved to cause.
We are still being governed by the 1986 NCVIA. Through that law we have created the National Vaccine Injury Program and the courts of the "Special Masters" who adjudicate all vaccine injury claims (whether or not they are known "table" injuries).
The way that system is run anyone who pays for a vaccine also pays a surcharge that goes into a fund that compensates kids and/or their families for injuries or deaths caused by vaccines.
Over $2 BILLION in claims have been paid so far, many times that number has been denied by the American government's Department of Justice opposing the claims. And the DOJ lawyers (and their paid expert witnesses) have been ruthless in defending vaccines... on the behalf of the drug industry (the drug industry doesn't pay a dime for this defense... they spent their money getting the NCVIA passed and have made liability-free vaccine profits ever since 1988).

1989 was the beginning of the insidious TRIPLING of mandatory vaccines in the USA.

1989 was the beginning of autism becoming an EPIDEMIC -
in 1989 3-5 kids in 10,000 were diagnosed with autism -
in 2009 more than 120 kids in 10,000 were diagnosed with autism

Vaccines are the only known trigger proved to cause brain damage that have increased steadily as autism numbers have risen.
Yet not one clinical study covering a large group of kids over a 6 year period (that would cover almost all new autism cases that would normally occur in that group) has ever been done.

Dr Bernadine Healy, in a 2008 CBS News interview, stated - "Vaccines may cause autism. It is inexcusable that the proper research has not been done."
Dr Healy graduated Vaccar summa cum laude, Harvard Medical School cum laude, was a Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins and The Chair of The Research Institute at The Cleveland Clinic... she was also the first woman to head The National Institutes of Health.
The late Dr Healy's opinions on study design and data interpretation are expert and relevant to this day regarding the possible causal associations between vaccinations and the autism diagnoses in a small percent of kids who are susceptible to being brain-injured by some vaccines.

It is long past time to do the proper studies that Dr Andrew Wakefield called for in 1998, echoed by Dr Bernadine Healy in 2008... and also supported by hundreds of doctors, researchers and medical professionals ever since.

As Always,
For the protection of children,
In the interests of truth and science,
Michael Polidori

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Trent Condellone said...

Perhaps it isn't fear, or ignorance; Science does a poor job of policing corruption. "Liars for hire" abound. Science isn't 100% blameless.

DeanM said...

Darryl, could you please post a follow-up to this article explaining how offensive it is to say that I "have autism"? I am still jumping up and down and screaming at people for a PTSD assessment, and one of the things that gets my physical symptoms of PTSD going is the use of "X has autism", "Y is a person with autism", and so forth.

I do not call people "with blackness", "with femaleness", or "with redheadedness". Is it really asking so much that people extend me the same kind of courtesy?

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