Friday 29 June 2007

Lost Pic 4

Mr. Eko, portrayed by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. Nigerian priest. Former warlord and drug dealer. Lost.

Mr. Eko

Wednesday 27 June 2007


Handmade Star Wars Figure. Plastic fruit juice bottle, paper and glue, modelling clay. About six inches tall. Now property of Jonathan Edwards.




Thursday 21 June 2007

Fantastic Four and Galactus

The release of the new Fantastic Four film has inspired me to draw this...

Here we see the Fantastic Four negotiating with Galactus, urging him not to eat the planet Earth, but to stick to low carb foods, such as asteroids, instead.

Possibly I've gone a bit too day-glo with this. I can't decide.

FF and Galactus

Wednesday 20 June 2007

Four Frames

The same image, diffrently coloured and amended four times, using photoshop. Pencil and pen before being scanned into the computer. I don't know how many times I've thought about this idea, and then not done it, because of the work involved. Well worth the stiff neck I've ended up with after all the effort.

Four Frames

Tuesday 19 June 2007

Death at Stark House

An exercise in style. Pen, pencils and then photoshop. I've become very interested in inverting images with software to see what the effect will be. I often find that the result is better than my original version. Best seen large.

Stark House

Monday 18 June 2007

Lost TV Pic (3)

Michael Dawson, portrayed by Harold Perrineau Jr. Construction worker and aspiring artist. Father of Walt. Traitor and murderer. Lost.

Could be the guy in the coffin? Who knows?


Sunday 17 June 2007

The Streets of El Diablo

Very much a continuation of themes I've been mining for years: streets, buildings, outsized objects, cars, rocks and mountains. What's not to like?

Pencil. pen and then photoshop for an inordinate amount of messing around.

diablo town

Saturday 16 June 2007

Lost TV Pics

Dr. Christian Shephard, portrayed by John Terry. Father of Jack. Spinal surgeon and alcoholic. Deceased. Lost.

Pencils and photoshop.

Christian Shephard

Thursday 14 June 2007


From the imaginary film, Frankenstein and the Gunslinger From Hell.


Tuesday 12 June 2007

Three Favourite Photos

Reflection in canal, turned upside down for better effect. What look like stars are merely bits of foam. No Photoshop was used. This is exactly how my Lomo LC 1 saw it.

Reflection Lomo

To get this photo, I stood on the edge of the canal and took a shot of my feet. The mirror-clear water reflected the building on the other side of the canal and the flash from my camera. The illusion of standing over a drop was so powerful that I thought I might fall in.


Taken on the hospital grounds with my Lomo on my way back from a shift.

Floating Sixes


A rather dark version of a British children's favorite. I don't know what this says about my world view.


Friday 8 June 2007

City and Cars

Two versions of the same image. The first pencil, pen and then photoshop for the colours, and the second, acrylic on canvas.

Little Tiny Cars

Purple City

Arthur's Planet

Everyone needs their own little world.

Arthur's Planet