Tuesday 14 July 2009

People With Mental Illness Enhance Our Lives

The latest chapter of my Psychiatric Tales book. Thirteen pages which nearly killed me. There's still some fiddling to do with the artwork here, but it's basically done. If you see any mistakes let me know. This chapter is a one-off, as it's a mixture of photos and artwork, which I think suite the subject. I don't intend to do further chapters in this style.

famous people 1

famous people 2

famous people 3

famous people 4

famous people 5

famous people 6

famous people 7

famous people 8

famous people 9

famous people 10

famous people 11

famous people 12

famous people 13

Thursday 2 July 2009


I'm extremely busy. I'm currently drawing new pages of Psychiatric Tales, continuing to draw my Activate webcomic The Streets Of San Diablo, and I'm also doing agency care work two or three days a week. If that wasn't enough, I've also started a new Blog, called Exdrawminate. Can you draw a Dalek? If you can, send the drawings to me and I'll put them on the blog. Thanks to Jonathan Edwards for thinking up the blog title.