Tuesday 21 June 2011


Here then is the beta version of my strip about evolution. This is a chapter of the book Science Stories which will be out from Myriad Editions next spring. I'm sure there'll be mistakes here, so do feel free to point them out, so that I can make the necessary changes. Thank you.

Note Oct 2013. Hi All. A fully corrected version of the strip is now part of a book called Science Tales, out from Myriad Edtions in the UK, and AbramComicArts in the US and Canada, where its known as How To Fake A Moon Landing.

evolution 1

evolution 2

evolution 3

evolution 4

evolution 5

evolution 6

evolution 7

evolution 8

evolution 9

evolution 10

evolution 11

evolution 12

evolution 13

evolution 14

evolution 15

evolution 16

evolution 17

evolution 18

19 evolution

evolution 20

evolution 21

evolution 22

evolution 23

Wednesday 15 June 2011


Here's a link to a big project that I'm involved. in. Nelson.