Thursday 22 September 2011

Science Denial

Last chapter of Science Tales. The summing-up chapter. This is the beta version, so feel free to add comments and corrections.

  denial 1denial 2 denial 3 denial 4 denial 5 denial 6 denial 7 denial 8 denial 9 denial 10 denial 11 denial 12 denial 13 denial 14 denial 15 denial 16 denial 17 denial 18
A Few References

Article on how big business twists science fro its own ends. When science is hidden behind a smokescreen.

On media. Science and truth have been cast aside by our desire for controversy.

'Mbeki Aids denial 'caused 300,000 deaths'.

All about Continental drift.

Sense About Science PDF about peer-review and the scientific process..

Monday 5 September 2011

Super-Sam and John Of The Night

A few pages featuring Super-Sam and John Of The Night. A strip which originally ran on the Forbidden Planet blog. There are two long stories featuring these characters: The Mystery of the Seven Faces (which includes the pages you see here), and The Streets of San Diablo (which ran on I'm still looking for a publisher for these stories if anyone is interested? One day I hope to do a third story in this series: The Throne of God.

1 sam (cold)

2 vac

4 sam(gas)

5 sam (interview)

sam 16 golf