Thursday 24 April 2008

A Day Out in Orange City

Here's the very first drawing I ever did using photoshop, done some years ago. It's interesting to compare it to the page you can see below, which is a bang up to date episode of my Super Sam and John of the Night comic strip. I've long been fascinated with cityscapes, which have been a constant theme in my drawing. In many ways, the Super Sam strip has been a way for me to enter these cityscapes, and finally tell the stories that I imagine happen there.

All previous episodes can be seen here.

Orange Town

Super Sam Episode 23 (Trap)


Anonymous said...

Love your cityscape drawings, Darryl: you always communicate your fascination for rooftops (one I share) and the different aspect that they offer us. Really enjoying the Super Sam strips, BTW. Mmmm, orange: beautiful work.

Nick A

Darryl Cunningham said...

Thank you Nick. Always appreciate your input.