Sunday 23 November 2008

Uncle Bob Adventures

Uncle Bob Adventures

I've put together an ebook, featuring four Uncle Bob stories, and using the fab software at Myebook. Do feel free to give me some feedback. Cheers!

Comic book series by writer/artist Darryl Cunningham. Uncle Bob tells extraordinary tales of his long and adventurous life to his young nieces. Thrill to these colourful stories of Victorian London, the Wild West, darkest Africa, and the Earth's Core. Winner of the Golden Monkey Best Comic Award (which I've just made up). Cheers!

Here's the link:

Myebook - Uncle Bob Adventures - click here to open my ebook


Unknown said...

Hello Darryl, I'm very happy to fond your blog. It's a pleasure to me to put your blog on my links.
Please, if you can, visit my blog and write me your opinion.

Reuben said...

Nice to see Uncle Bob again after all these years.
Initially I thought it was a shame this wasn't a printed comic, but obviously publishing on myebook (which I'd never heard of before so thanks for that), means no costs of self publishing, you'll probably reach more readers and you can do it in colour. Maybe it was just me but I found the page control buttons too small.
Enjoyable stuff.