Tuesday, 14 July 2009

People With Mental Illness Enhance Our Lives

The latest chapter of my Psychiatric Tales book. Thirteen pages which nearly killed me. There's still some fiddling to do with the artwork here, but it's basically done. If you see any mistakes let me know. This chapter is a one-off, as it's a mixture of photos and artwork, which I think suite the subject. I don't intend to do further chapters in this style.

famous people 1

famous people 2

famous people 3

famous people 4

famous people 5

famous people 6

famous people 7

famous people 8

famous people 9

famous people 10

famous people 11

famous people 12

famous people 13


Tim Hamilton said...

I enjoyed this...
Nice work.

john welding said...

This is great stuff Darryl. Love your use of black and white, it suits the subject matter really well. Continuing good luck with the Psychiatric Tales book.

frank-h said...

very good piece of art!
interesting, well done, superb graphics - clap clap clap!!!

The Sound of Drowning said...

Well observed and articulated. Amazing how such similar characters appear across time in the same places. It's like a never ending chain of horrors.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate the art you post on this site--very thoughtful and well-observed. I can't wait to see the book.

Jeff H. said...

Beautiful work, important message.

Robert Sloan said...

Great chapter. Thank you for that point that mental illness limits creativity, that people in artistic professions who suffer from it are suffering. One of the ugliest things I see in celebrity news is the way that people who have mental illness get belittled and humiliated about it, sometimes accused of just seeking attention.

Art can be powerful therapy, but becoming a serious professional artist is skill -- and mental illness, like any disease, can strike people in any profession.


David Williamson said...

This is really cool - but one thing you might want to sort out before you publish this: "Legacy" is spelt with a "c"... ("Garland left a lasting _legacy_")

On the internet you get free proofreading!

Brent Garland said...


As per your request, a panel on page 12 about Nick Drake misspelled "fourth" as "forth."

Currently written as "Four tracks for a proposed FORTH album...."

Now I gotta go to my "Proofreaders Anonymous" mtg...

Anonymous said...

this is amazing. So glad to know so many famous people had something like this and yet went on to leave amazing legacies. Inspires me to not let my depression/bipolar disorder beat me.

Pedro Homero said...

This is beautiful. I'm going to share it with my FB friends, thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

In addition to the other spell-check comments, in the Nick Drake segment, "persued" should be spelled "Pursued". Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Nicely put! My bipolar teenage daughter enjoyed the way it was portrayed. Keep up the good work!

uvc said...

I just browsed this comics.
It is amazing.
The artwork, the story-telling, and most of all, the humane and elaborate view of mental illness.
Good luck with the book. I'll buy it.

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John said...

great blog item - makes you think

Unknown said...

This is beautiful. It's so easy to think that having an ongoing mental or emotional problem makes you tainted, a cuckoo among the regular birds. Art like this can help to fight that. Thank you. :)

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