Wednesday 4 November 2009

Psychiatric Tales: Last Chapter

Here, at last then, is the final chapter of Psychiatric Tales. As ever if you spot any mistakes or have anything critical to say, then please let me know. I tend to think of these online versions of the stories as beta versions, which still need debugging. So all comments help.

The book still isn't finished. I have to redo much of the lettering in the first half of the book, correct spelling mistakes, plus rewrite and redraw four pages of an earlier chapter which, as it stands, is factually confusing.

The book will be out from Blank Slate in Feb and will be available through their website and various other places.

1 last chapter

2 last chapter

3 final chapter

4 final chapter

5 last chapter

6 final chapter

7 last chapter

8 last chapter

9 last chapter

10 last chapter

11 last chapter

12 last chapter

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17 last chapter


keith said...

Nice Darryl. There is a typo in the 2nd panel on page 8 though.
Looking forward to the book.

Chris Ready said...

A fantastic piece of work. I look forward to the book.

Jonathan Edwards said...

Wonderful, Darryl. Your training has produced a great book which will give help and confidence to a lot of people (and hopefully dispel ignorance in a lot of people too). The sequence with the zoom into your eye which turns into a landscape is excellent. Great work, as always.

DeathBoy said...

That resonated very much. Despite the (not unreasonable) assertion that the way you've pulled yourself together isn't easily used by other people, I've had at least a few similar experiences, with music as my own refuge / driving force. It's good to feel as though you're not alone having to go through those sort of difficulties. Cheers, man. :)

Claire said...

Nice job. I enjoy the 3 sections I've read thus far.

I noticed a typo on page 5, panel 3: "I was far easier for me to remain silent in social situations."

Good luck with the book!

Shunra said...

That's beautiful, Darryl. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Fabulous work Darryl. Very brave to tell such a personal story, and it's all beautifully illustrated. Thanks for putting it online. I'm sure the book will do brilliantly.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic comic.

I identify with a couple of the issues raised, and it's both scary and reassuring that it's not 'just me'. If only everyone were so honest. I really think the book will help people.

Anonymous said...

Really, really wonderful art and writing. I am a professor of psychology, and I think I might assign your book for my Introduction to Psychology class, and certainly pass it along to my colleagues in the department.

Anonymous said...

this is awesome, the drawings are excellent, not run of the mill cheap drawings, but a genuine and expressive style, and the content is deep and thoughtful. what i appreciate generally in art is not when it just gives happy stuff for happy people or sad stuff for sad people, like a mirror or a Rorschach's, but when it's fully employed as a medium that lets the author take people with him on a real, original, complex, detailed and amazing journeys, and that's the case here. great work, loved it especially since i have a somewhat similar background. i'm looking forward to getting the book.

Unknown said...

Thank you.

I too feel this worthlessness. Constantly. But...Maybe I'll try writing again. Even if it is horrible. Just to see what will happen.

ben ve kendim said...

I love love love your work. In every story, I realize some tears appearing in my eyes..Thinking of the difficult life of my sister, thinking of me. I think you are unique talent, and really, sincerely a good person. I will search for your book as soon as it will be published. Will it be sold in Europe ( the Netherlands )as well? Or else I will try to buy it from internet.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

You are an inspiration in a dark world.

You give hope to those who have none, and insight where that is so lacking.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive. I've just discovered your psychiatric tales and I've fallen in love with them. You have a unique talent, you are writing with such grace ... Maybe I like it so much because I have deep feelings about people who work in mental institutions (and patients also). I had been also staying in mental hospital and I believe that was the most important time of my life. for the first time in years I see what the world looks like out of depression.
You're a great inspiration, I can't wait to buy your book.
Thank you for sharing your deep thoughts with us.

technicolorsheep said...

Thank you, Darryl, for painting so earnestly and compassionately what I cannot seem to put into words without resorting to helpless cynicism.

I found the image of the man with the hole both incredibly apt and quite haunting.

Your little stories are beautifully told and I sincerely hope your book will be a good step forward for your artistic career.

Much love,
the sheep

Claude Lambert said...

Excellent book.There is no such a thing as normal well adjusted people: it is how we think of the successful others, and now you are one too! Everybody has problems, they are just different. You should look at your experience as if you had been in a war, not as if you had failed: you fought one war, time to fight the next. Next is promoting the book and have a plan for that. Best wishes

Aeon Blue said...

I knew this was going to be big the second I began reading it, and I'm happy to hear it will be published. I'm going to buy a copy for myself and friends. Thank you for being a voice for the many people that feel like they don't have one.

Anonymous said...

i can relate to this a lot and i've met many people who have had this kind of experience, i'll recommend your book to all of them!

tahrey said...

i think this section and the suicide one may have sold me on the book itself... been down into some of the places described in the former (though didn't need - and ended up refusing - the meds, thank heavens), and haven't had the bad fortune to experience the latter, but do have at least one friend who's been in and out of psych for various issues as well. As described in your more recent posts, it's usually nowhere near as bad as people think, but it is something of a slog of a process, with no sure progress guaranteed, and not exactly good times for all overall.

just hope my own bad memory lasts til i get home because my work internet is ruined today. wouldn't make it thru the amazon checkout before it timed out. even typing this is suffering severe latency - nothing othing nothing then five lines appear in the edit box at once ;)

soapbox citizen said...
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soapbox citizen said...

Very cool.

I like your story of survival, of not giving up.


I am off on my own little story of survival, and it be great to meet some of your followers, Darryl. Or maybe meet you for a beer.


Battling Mental Illness Stigma One Pedal at Time

Ellie Finlay said...

WOW. I just read this one. It's very, very moving.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You are awesome :-)

Jaliya said...

Darryl ... Thank you and bless you. Isn't it strange how what initially breaks us is what can eventually salve and save us ... I have lived with various brain-based injuries my whole life and at 51 years of age, I am starting over again after my marriage shattered apart three weeks ago.

We're all in this together ...

I look forward to reading your entire book ...


Anonymous said...

I read this on days when I have no drive to do anything and seem to dissolve into tears at the slightest provocation and can't remember why I'm a worthwhile human being.

It helps carry me through the darker hours. Thank you so much.

phlegmfatale said...

Of all the times for me to happen upon this post, it comes at a moment it is most dearly needed, and it's so odd that someone posted this on their Facebook feed today and I happened to catch it. Thank you for your work and for your work about your struggles. Your work is eminently relatable to me, and could not have appeared at a more well-timed moment as I make my way. Thank you.