Friday 8 January 2010

Big Blue Versus The Lord God Almighty

Three page story strip, which eventually will tie into the Super Sam and John Of The Night, stories. Probably.

Big Blue Versus The Lord God Almighty

Big Blue Versus The Lord God Almighty

Big Blue Versus The Lord God Almighty


Aeon Blue said...

I laughed myself silly. I've wanted to do that to Old Testament God too!

Anonymous said...
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Steve said...

Brilliant. Love the mauves and blues.

franhilz said...

ha ha ha ... finally, the OT God wasn't so 'almighty' after all.

(is this cartoon part of our human trend to kill the fathers to inherit the future?)

Anonymous said...

This strip really ruins your credibility with anyone who views the world from a Christian perspective. I was reading your Homeopathy piece, which had some interesting points and could be convincing to someone on the fence. I thought I would look at your other posts (I was interested in the MMR post as I am a physician and I try hard to educate people on the importance of immunizing). I came across this one. No facts, just anti relious opinion and comic strip style blood and gore. I would never recommend anyone to this site because of it.

If your purpose is to keep people with different ideas than yours from wanting to hear your ideas, you have achieved it. If your purpose was to reach others (who may not already agree with your own ideas)and share your differing viewpoint, I suspect a big segment of them will no longer be interested in anything you have to say after seeing this. You can count me as the first one.


Jordi said...

Mike... who could possibly give a shit about your rant?

v money said...

wow, that guy mike just does not understand the point of a blog.

this post is quite charming, no matter your belief in god. Can anyone who's actually read the bible disagree with your summation of the old testament god?

Darryl Cunningham said...

I actually feel quite bad after reading Mike of California, as this strip was never meant to be seen as anti-religous, just anti-the old testament God. I have very little problem with the new testament, which is full of sound advice, much of it coming out of Jesus's mouth. The strip was conceived as part of a much bigger story, that I hope to write one day, about how the Universe was broken the moment it was created, and what this did to both the Creator and his creations.