Friday 9 April 2010

Tiny Dalek

I'm told by Blank Slate that Psychiatric Tales has now been printed, and that copies should be arriving within the next ten days. Watch this space for details of how to buy a copy.

Here's a tiny Dalek drawing for no reason other than I felt like it.

cute dalek


Unknown said...


I attempted to purchase a copy through blankslate weeks back (they had the release date erroneously posted as sometime around Jan I believe). I also happen to be located in the US. I'm not certain if you would know, but are you aware of what is happening regarding those of us who have already placed orders?

Darryl Cunningham said...

I really don't know. but I'm due to talk with Blank Slate this week, so I'll find out what's happening.

fishlike said...

The tiny Dalek is super cute. I wish I could adopt him.