Thursday 24 February 2011

Uncle Bob Goes West

1 bob west

2 bob west

3 bob west

4 bob west

5 bob west

6 bob west

7 bob west

8 bob west

9 bob west

10 bob west

11 bob west


Anonymous said...

I like it! Do you want to know about typos?

Wheel and axle
liable to blow the prisoner's head off
Well hear me good this time


Darryl Cunningham said...

Thanks for that, Susan.

How careless of me.


Zach Allen said...

I love how these chapters all have their own color pallet theme. The browns and grays in this one are really neat.

Piero said...

Cool ! Reminds me a lot of "Rio Bravo" :)

Darryl Cunningham said...


Rio Bravo is my favourite Howard Hawks film, and this story is a version of a scene in that movie.


kellie said...

Lovely - I also have fond memories of the biscuit-style version from Inkling.

Donald said...

I an amused on how Uncle Bob started off by complaining about the plots of Westerns, yet his story was every Western ever made.

Also, "Sing!"

Kitchen Benchtops said...

One of the best pictures ever made and not just in the western genre.