Saturday, 2 July 2011

Uncle Bob Adventures Cover

I received a ridiculous amount of attention for my evolution strip. I was featured on Drawn, Comics Reporter, The Beat, Scott McCloud's Blog, and you name it. The strip received more than a hundred-thousand views in three days. So I expect my upcoming Science Stories book to do very well.

Cover for Uncle Bob Adventures, which will be out from Blank Slate towards the end of the year.

bob cover


Jan said...

Congratulations :)
Reading your evolution comic was interesting as I remembered the things I learnt in school some weeks before about the subject and also how the arguments against evolution were refuted. Very good explanation of the theory. Hope to buy the book someday.

Jan said...

By the way, I was wondering if someone (or else me) could make a translation of the evolution comic into Spanish and Catalan without any economical benefits, just out of an interest on forwarding the comic to a bigger public. Thanks.

Jan said...

...if so visit my profile and email me.