Monday 5 September 2011

Super-Sam and John Of The Night

A few pages featuring Super-Sam and John Of The Night. A strip which originally ran on the Forbidden Planet blog. There are two long stories featuring these characters: The Mystery of the Seven Faces (which includes the pages you see here), and The Streets of San Diablo (which ran on I'm still looking for a publisher for these stories if anyone is interested? One day I hope to do a third story in this series: The Throne of God.

1 sam (cold)

2 vac

4 sam(gas)

5 sam (interview)

sam 16 golf


Arun Kumar said...

I love your art style! I'm very curious to know how you got into drawing comics :)

Your work is an inspiration to me

internet pharmacy said...

This is the way you present something with comic sence and people love reading anf viw=ewing it,, it s easy to comment but i no its tough to create,,


Kathryn said...

If it helps at all, I'd absolutely buy Super Sam and John of the Night! If I had it all in one book, it'd be a whole bunch easier to recommend to others :P

And I'll go ahead and just mention that if I had a list of my ten favourite webcomics (and I read a whole lot), "Streets of San Diablo" would probably be near the top.