Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Simon Harwood and Police Acountability

A ten page piece I wrote on the death of Ian Tomlinson for the much delayed issue of Solopsistic Pop 5, which editor Tom Humberstone has kindly allowed me to place here. Much of the information in the strip was taken from pieces written in the Guardian by Paul Lewis and Peter Walker. Many thanks to them.

Ian Tomlinson

Ian Tomlinson

Ian Tomlinson

Ian Tomlinson

Ian Tomlinson 5

Ian Tomlinson 6

Ian Tomlinson 7

Ian Tomlinson 8

Ian Tomlinson 9

Ian Tomlinson 10
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Vincent Blackwell said...

Wow and thank you.

Karen said...

Yikes. That retire and rehire dodge is really reprehensible.

Eduardo Oliveira said...

Congrats, man!! This is a very sophisticated and sensitive piece. Very good.

Owen said...

Great work as usual!

One quick typo - in the last panel of page six it should be "Surrey" instead of "Surry".

Exposure said...

Great cartoon, very creative, well done. Here's my take on it: And just like the arms dealer, – the Police too need plenty of crime going on, if they too are to justify their existence and need by the public.

Yet if you look at the crime statistics, then you can see that they’re more here for civil control, – they, the world’s elite have them here to protect them, – not us, but from us. They know by having such a force, that when it’s called for, say a peaceful protest about animal cruelty, they can send in their police force to deal with the matter. They then in turn inform the top police officers; “We, want a jolly good show, we do not want them [us] causing any trouble, this event is going to be covered by the world’s media, so we don’t want to show our ‘Brethren of the other Lodges’ that we are not in control of ‘our people’- so if anyone, as much dares to want and cause any trouble, come down hard on them! And if it’s going too peaceful, then were create and stir-up some trouble with our strategically placed agent provocateurs who job it is to encourage the protestors to react and cause the mayhem, – that way we can hope to see a few beatings on the public and gain as many arrests as we can. – This will work twofold, one it will show the rest of the world we will not take any shit,- and two, it will scare the living daylights out of the ordinary Joe Public that they dare not even contemplate about leaving their comfy armchairs and joining the rest of the protesters”.

The top cops then pass the message down the thin blue line, pervading the same kind of message throughout the ranks of the force in the form of “Chinese whispers”, so that when this kind of message is then passed on to the ordinary PC by their superiors, it’s giving them the thumbs-up to get their battle dress on, having their truncheon in one hand, Taser gun on the hip, mace spray in the breast pocket and with their riot shields in the other hand. And as indicated by the boss, if it’s too peaceful, then just lash out and beat the first innocent newspaper vendor whosoever just happens to be strolling along minding their own business, – that way you might hopefully provoke a reaction from the mob, and we can then steam-in, and give em all a good old beating, and with a bit of luck we might even kill the odd one here and there, and not to worry if it does come on top, your be protected, because we can’t have a copper grassing on his superiors, saying; “Well, we were encouraged by our superiors to go out and kick arse”. – Or on the otherhand; “We were told not to do anything…”

Extract from Trapped in a Masonic World -

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