Tuesday 30 March 2010

London Weekend

Enjoyed my weekend in London, although it was extremely expensive. Sorry I didn't have copies of Psychiatric Tales for the UK and Webcomic Thing event. However I'm told by Kenny at Blank Slate that the book should be back from the printers around the 13th of April. So not long now.

Here's a few pics I took while in London.

Tube train.
Tube Train

Taxi And Quentin Blake Artwork. King's Cross.
Taxi And Quentin Blake Artwork

Euston Road
Euston Road

Gosh Comic Shop sign.

Green shadows. Great Square, British Museum.
Green Shadows

Empty shop.
Greys End Road

Hotel corridor.
Hotel Corridor.

1 comment:

E. Will said...

Yeah, London is so damn expensive, which is why I've only visited about three times in three years...

Nice photos - I do believe I've got a picture of the Calvin sign outside Gosh Comics on my blog somewhere!

Can't wait for the book!!