Friday 21 May 2010

Intro Page

A page from the introduction to the American edition of Psychiatric Tales, which will be out next year from Bloomsbury.

Psychiatric Tales USA Intro


Pedro Homero said...

man, i just love the way you draw!

Malachi Ward said...

Looks great!

Katie said...

Can't wait for this to come out over here! I keep checking amazon....but the shipping and delivery costs are just too prohibitive.

Steve said...

Fantastic stuff Darryl, listening to you on radio 4 right now... brilliant art


Anonymous said...

Submit your attention: Since you are both a self enriching published person and one who ought to be a target for charity by those who while either ignoring, of deploring the cartoons should be compassionate enough to pity the cartoonist to make more the stuff evidently seen by so many to have no wholesome spirit or worthy public purpose, then the greater public spirited kindness of not buying them must be the even more curative one of not donating a dime.

However low down they are on cerebral ladder, the entity of Radio4 remain unfit for the company of the sorriest of nags and are knowingly unconscious able of punctuating point and severing edge of their vandalising of a sincere 'Donate' as the spirit of it excised from these skewerings at the point of a pen darker than the blackest ink.