Sunday 23 May 2010

Uncle Bob (Two Versions Of The Same Page)

I'm currently redrawing an Uncle Bob strip, for the Blank Slate collection of Uncle Bob Adventures, which will be out next year.

Here's the first page of the redrawn strip, while below it you can see a page from the original version, drawn in 90s.

Compare and contrast.

Uncle Bob And The Vampire

Uncle Bob And The Vampire (Original Page)


Jim Gourley said...

It's obvious you've swiped this second page from the first one. At least Erro has the decency to steal from someone other than himself!

In all seriousness, I like watching how things have changed. The first page seems more 'you', with a faster pace and a last panel that grabs you. But I'm also curious why you originally went with a yellow motif for a vampire story? The reds in the new version seem like a more logical choice. Is that why you avoided it on the first go?

Funcanny said...

The new version has a better pumpkin. And I like the poor, knackered horse. Just make sure that cool moustache makes it onto the second page!

Aeon Blue said...

While the older one has what should be more interesting perspectives, the straightforward, open spaces in the new version has the slow-paced and ponderous feeling that I enjoy most about your work.