Monday 7 March 2011

Mouse Town

Quite an old piece. I don't do cross hatching anymore, and this is mostly because it looks poor on a computer screen.

Mouse Town


mike flugennock said...

Damn, Daryl. It may not look quite its best on a monitor, but this drawing still looks awesome as hell, man... I don't know about you, but I always thought that properly-done crosshatching always makes things look a bit... well, a bit grim somehow -- a little bit moody, like the original illustrations for Alice In Wonderland. I did a lot of crosshatching on my work back in high school, but gave it up because I was never entirely satisfied with working in crow quill anyway; Speedball "B" nibs and Sharpies were more my favorite.

These days, of course, I do my stuff with jet-black graphite sticks, a flatbed scanner, Photoshop/auto-trace and Illustrator.

Gofavor said...
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