Friday 25 March 2011

On The Inkstuds Podcast

Hey everyone! You can now listen to me speak on this podcast. The four music tracks were chosen by me. I sound right Yorkshire, I do.


Mercurialblonde said...

This was a fantastic interview. Wasn't aware of your work before. But I found the whole conversation very pleasant. Definitely interested in checking out your books.

Celina Ortiz said...

Hey! I am a student at Reed College and I just bought and read your book "Psychiatric Tales", and I wanted to tell you that it was a fantastic, inspiring read. I'm a psychology major that is utterly fascinated by art and the human mind, so your book has given me hope that maybe someday I can be a cartoonist that will use what I've learned in my major in a creative and/or informative way. Your last note on personal depression really echoed within me, especially because I experienced a period of depression that almost landed me in a psychiatric ward myself when I was younger - your words inspire me and give me hope that there will always be an outlet in the form of art and other personal hobbies. Please, don't ever stop drawing! Thank you so much!

Gofavor said...
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